Tecate, Wineries and Food Tour

Bacon Wrapped Shrimp from Villa Ortega coastal restaurant
Went on a day ride into Mexico for food, wine and just a chill Saturday afternoon. It was my first time in Mexico so I was glad I went with a group that knew the area and spoke Spanish. I'll definitely do this ride again. This would be a good tour even in a car.

Note: Make sure to buy insurance before crossing the border. Geico is my regular insurance provider. They don't offer insurance in Mexico but their website gave a few options of insurance companies that do. Full coverage insurance for the day cost me about $30. 

Bike: R1200GSA or pretty much any street legal bike
Distance: 150mi
Time: 8ish hours (Most time spent drinking and eating)
Sights: Tecate Brewery (Did make it this trip but will next time.)
            City of Tecate (Surprisingly nice and good food.)
            La Cetto Winery
            El Cielo Winery& Resort
            Villa Ortega's Restaurant


La Cetto Winery

Some Wine at La Cetto Winery

More Wine...

Fun and informative vineyard tour at La Cetto Winery

Spotted this antique wine crusher (Not sure that is the right name) at La Cetto Winery

Restaurant Villa Ortega's

Bacon Wrapped Shrimp from Villa Ortega coastal restaurant


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