Electrical 30

Electrical 30 was a course offered at my community college to students with no prior experience with electricity or working with tools. I took it as part of my coursework to finish my machinist certificate. We did basic circuit analysis exercises using ohm's law to figure out resistance, current and voltage. We also built 3 awesome projects in this class from basic materials. I still have these 10+ years later and they still work. Plans for these projects can be downloaded below. 

University: San Joaquin Delta College
Year Taken: Before 2009
Course Number: ?
Professor: A retired PG&E Electrician
Prerequisites: None

Downloadable Content:

Notes and Project Instructions

First and easiest project. The universal buzzer. Does exactly what the name says. 

Second Project was the Induction Motor.

The third and last class project was the Universal Motor. This one was pretty cool to make.
Even now as an adult and full time engineer think about making another one of these. 

Where all old projects go when finished. Mounted on the garage wall. 

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