My Bicycle History

This is a Live post. I will continue to update it as I buy more bikes.

Jones Plus 135

2013 Giant XTC 29"

2016 Cannondale Trail 5 27.5" (Sold for $380AU)

Specialized Enduro 2008

Cannondale Trail SL SS

Specialized Rockhopper

2009 Redline Monocog Flight SS

Specialized Hardrock Disc
My first real mountainbike. A Specialized Hardrock 26" with Avid BB5 disc brakes. It was a great bike for my beginner skill level. Unfortunately my skills never got to outgrow it. Was stolen out of my driveway one night.
The only pic I have of this bike. Stollen soon after this.

Gitane Road Bike:
I bought this used Gitane Road Bike for commuting around my college town. It was old but worked great... for a while. Went through numerous secondhand group sets and wheels courtesy of the local bike graveyard. Sold it years later because mountainbikes are  more my thing.
Before: Unknown year Gitane Road Bike as I bought it.
After: Upgraded front wheel, new paint and chopped bars.


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