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This is a Live post. I will continue to update it as I make or find more tools.

Throughout my career as a student and then an engineer, I hated doing repetitive tasks. Especially tedious calculations. Doing this not only waists time but is also a good way to make small mistakes. Here are some tools I created to do many of these basic calculations. Some are Microsoft executable files but most are in excel spreadsheets.
Feel free to download and use these tools. If you find any errors please let me know so I can update them.

Excel Spreadsheets:
(Coming soon)

Ball Milling Calculator:
Outputs adjusted cutting diameter, inch per tooth and RPM for a ball mill cutting at a step depth less than its radius. Helps maximize your cutting efficiency, especially during 3D finish machining operations on a CNC machine. (Download Ballmilling.exe)

End Milling:
Outputs adjusted feed, inch per tooth and RPM for an end mill cutting at a step over less than its radius. Helps maximize your cutting efficiency for general milling operations. (Download Endmilling.exe)

Turning Forces:
Calculates theoretical turning forces for normal outer diameter turning operations. More of a novelty to know this information as I have never found a use for it. (Download Turningforce.exe)

Machining Notes:

Machining SFM Cutting Speeds (Link to another blog post)
Haas Machining Guides (Link to another blog post)


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