To Zion and Back!

Atop Angels Landing in Zion National Park, UT.

This was a great week long trip. With a lot of major sight seeing, hiking and camping. 

The Valley of Fire has become one of my favorite camping spots outside of Las Vegas. Its way off the highway, inexpensive and there are rarely any people there. The scenery is perfect and it has sever great hikes including the popular Fire Wave Rock trail. 

Angels Landing is a must do hike in Zion National Park though it's not for the inexperienced. Steep climbs and narrow rocky paths make it a bit scary and difficult.

Bike: BMW R1200GSA Distance: 2000mi (Estimated, didn't keep track)
Time: 9 days
Big Bear was a very nice mountain ride
            Valley of Fire
            Lake Meed, Hoover Dam
            Zion National Park, Angels Landing
            The Grand Canyon North Rim 
            Death Valley
            Yosemite (Was on fire so didn't get to go)
            Stanislaus National Forest
            Big Sur

Warnings: Death Valley is very hot, gas and food there is also very overpriced. Be ready for sudden heavy rain. If there is a forest fire going on, like there was in Yosemite, be ready for poor air quality.

Video: (Adobe Flash Player  Required)

My campsite at the Valley of Fire, NV 

Atop Angels Landing in Zion National Park, UT. 

Looking over the Grand Canyon from the North Rim.

A little vista point in the central valley in Northern California.


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