Classic San Diego Loop

I think this is just off of the 79 north of Julian but at the time I was a bit lost.

The classic San Diego Loop is a route I use to take often. Has a good combination of long straight hilly roads and very twisty mountain roads.

Bike: BMW R1200GSA, Mostly
Distance: 179mi
Time: 4 hours ( I tend to stop a lot and take detours so I can spend all day)
Sights: San Diego City

           Desert riding
           Cleveland National Forest
           The small town of Julian
           The Hideout Saloon (However, As of late 2015 it has closed)
           Small Lakes
           Epic Vista Points

Warnings: Along this route close to the border on the 94, 80 and 8 are border patrol check points. They never gave me any problems but if you are riding through at a bad time there may be a long line of vehicles waiting to get through.

On Sunrise highway just a few miles north of the 8. Great place to watch a sunset.

Along Sunrise Highway.
Its called Sunrise highway but Ive always preferred it for sunsets. 


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