San Diego, CA - The Lost Coast

Bikes are starting to get a bit dirty. This is about
30 miles into our dirt riding.

At some point in my motorcycle trip research I read about "The Lost Coast". Its a section of California that not many people travel through and has earned this title by being well off the beaten path.

My friend and I planned this trip around riding through The Lost Coast. We we met up in San Luis Obispo. Rode all the way up Hwy 1 through San Francisco and camped for a night just South of Point Reyes.

We then rode up Hwy 1 to the famous Chandelier tree in Legget. If you are doing this trip its also a good place to get last minute supplies and ask the locals if there is anything to watch for on the trail through the lost coast. Gas was a little expensive but ok. We camped that night at the south end of The Lost Coast surrounded by giant redwood trees.

The next day we rode up Usal road to Shelter Cove. Usal road is somewhat maintained. There are a lot of exposed roots, deep ruts and loose rocks. Having some offroad riding experience is necessary but you don't have to be a pro. That night we camped somewhere north of Shelter Cove. I don't remember where.

The following day we rode up to Eureka and then started heading east along Hwy 36. The roads north of Shelter Cove are much better maintained then Usal road and should not be a problem for anyone. That night we camped in the redwood forest at a paid campsite somewhere along Hwy 36.

After this we did a quick ride back down to Stockton where my friend lives. At the time I lived in San Diego so my overall ride was much longer than just this lost coast Northern California section. When I left Stockton I then took 3 days to get back down to San Diego. I stayed at friends houses in San Jose and San Luis Obispo for a night each and took the long second use road between.  

Bike: BMW R1200GSA and BMW F800GS
Distance: 1800 miles (Estimated)
Time: 9 Days
Sights: Hwy 1

            Golden Gate Bridge
            Chandelier Tree
            The Lost Coast

Warnings: No warnings this time. Had a great time.

A friend joined us for breakfast in San Luis Obispo on his XR400

Right on Highway 1 somewhere North of Point Reyes

Same place as above picture (North of Point Reyes) but looking
out into the Ocean. It looked like this for most of the day.

Famous drive through Chandelier tree.

Usal road leading into The Lost Coast. View of the Ocean
right above the fog. A beautiful sea of pure white.

Camping in The Lost Coast. A few hundred yards from the beach.
Would have camped on the sand but was a little cold and wet.

Bikes are starting to get a bit dirty. This is about
30 miles into our dirt riding.

Last night of camping off Hwy 36 in the forest. Very tired.


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