San Luis Obispo, CA - Santa Cruz, CA

Parked along Hwy 1 and starting the Partington Cove trail

My second bike trip was from my home in San Luis Obispo, CA to another friends house in Santa Cruz, CA. It was a classic ride up Hwy 1 with one of my good friends. Not much else to say about it other than it was raining north of Big Sur and we didn't have any rain gear! It was my first time riding up Hwy 1.

Bike: Honda NT650GT
Distance: 177mi
Time: 5 hours
Sights: Old San Luis Obispo Mission in San Luis Obispo, CA
           Morro Bay Rock in Morro bay, CA
           Many vista points of the ocean along Hwy 1
           Hike Partington Cove Trail to a small rocky beach (36.177072, -121.693749)
           Santa Cruz Beach Boardwalk (only during the summer)

Warning: Fill up in Cambria! The only gas along the Hwy 1 before Monterey is in Gorda and they charge at least $1 more then everyone else per gallon. Ive gone through there after this first ride and seen it as high as $8 per gallon.

Pics: All pics are taken right along Hwy 1.

Partington Cove
Taking a break along Hwy 1.
Staring out to sea
Finally made it to Santa Cruz.
Bikes parked at friends house in Santa Cruz.
Watched some surfers for a while. It was a cold day but that didn't stop them.

Headed back down Hwy 1 and the weather was much nicer.

Note: Google maps doesn't always like to create routes along Hwy 1 so this map may not show correctly.


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