Haas Machining Guides

When I was a student at Cal Poly I created tutorials for how to operate the Haas machines in our student labs. They are a bit outdated but are a good starting point for any machinist or student new to Haas machines or CNC machines in general.

They are available to download as a PDF from my google drive account. Just click the download button.

Zero a vise.pdf (Google Drive download)
A guide on how to align a machinist vise parallel with the x-axis.

Haas TL1 Startup.pdf (Google Drive download)
How to startup and zero a Haas TL1 lathe. Similar procedure for any Haas.

Haas Graphics Check.pdf (Google Drive download)
How to do a graphical check of a CNC program

Haas Chamfer.pdf (Google Drive download)
How to setup and cut a freehand chamfer on a Haas TL1 Lathe using the manual cutting mode.


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