Stockton, CA - Yosemite National Park on Honda Minis!

The morning we left. We had no idea what would happen.

My friend and I decided to ride from our home in Stockton to Yosemite National Park. Something that is an easy few hours trip. But to make it interesting we took our minibikes. I rode a 1974 Honda Trail 70 and he rode a 1973 Honda SL70.
This was by far the most challenging ride I've ever done. We packed all the necessary camping equipment, tools and food on our bikes. We had no backup or trailing vehicle. We both broke down several times on the way to Yosemite. Common problems like overheating, missing bolts and bad electrical connections. Then on our last night at Cherry Lake we hit heavy rain and my friend got food poisoning. We didn't make it all the way back to Stockton on our bikes and had to get pickup up at Cherry Lake. Even with all these problems I still look back fondly on this trip. It was the most challenging but it was the most fun.

Bike: Honda CT70 and Honda SL70
Distance: 300mi (Felt like thousands)
Time: 4 days
Sights: All of Yosemite

            Cherry Lake

Warnings: Never travel on a Honda mini unless you're crazy.



Somewhere off hwy 120.

My little CT70 rolled its odometer on this trip.

Getting some firewood for the night.

A good view of The Yosemite Valley.

Fixing the bike on the side of the road.

Watching a sunset from my hammock in Big Sur.

Met another CT70 on my way home. Made a short trip to
Avila Beach from San Luis Obispo.


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