San Diego, CA - San Luis Obispo, CA

I have taken this trip a few times now. It seams to be my general route between my new home is San Deigo and my friends house in San Luis Obispo. I have now gotten over my fear of freeways and have lost all hope of Hwy 1 going through LA so I just take the 405 and the 10 over to Hwy 1 where it's starting to get nice. I also discovered a fun motorcycle friendly burger place called Neptune's Net. There's always bikers of all kinds parked out front telling stories, eating burgers and drinking beer.

Bike: Honda NT650GT
Distance: 310mi
Time: 5 hours 40 min (Less if you lane split a lot)
Sights: Neptune's Net North of Malibu right on Hwy 1 (34.053137, -118.962483)
            Hwy 154 (A good mountain road pass)
            Many vista points of the ocean


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